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Party Planning Tips

Tips for Planning the Perfect Celebration

When you're planning a special occasion party, you want everything to be fabulous!

Here are some suggestions based on our many years of helping party hosts plan and enjoy their special occasion events at our restaurants.

Direction Cards
Direction Cards are a Must

Surprisingly, many hosts forget to include direction cards with their invitations. Be sure to send cards with clear directions to every event site. Helping guests get to their destinations on time and without getting lost will start your affair on a great note.

Ideal Seating Plan

Sometimes, party hosts need to have different numbers of guests at each table. However, if possible, try to arrange tables of eight. That's the ideal number to permit engaging conversation at each table.

High Chairs for Little Ones

Be sure that high chairs are available for very young children. Similarly, ask about children's prices; some restaurants and catering establishments will offer half-price meals for kids under a certain age.

Table Decorations

Avoid confetti on the tables. It looks pretty, but often finds its way into food. Another decoration tip: If you're having balloons, don't forget to bring weights to secure the balloons in the center of each table. Don't tie them to the backs of chairs—the balloons will get in everyone's way.

Flower Arrangements

Keep centerpieces either very low or very high. That way guests can see and enjoy speaking with each other throughout the meal.

Perfect Food for Party Buffets

Choose dishes for their buffet-table-friendliness. That way, you can ensure that everything looks as perfect as it tastes, from start to delicious finish.

Here are some tips on dishes that are easy for guests to enjoy, and that hold up well at parties:

Mussels for dinner, not cocktail hour or buffet

Mussels are always popular. But people sometimes don't realize that mussels are very difficult to eat while walking. Since so many people want to order mussels for their parties, we've found that adding mussels as an option on our sit-down dinner menu has been a great idea.

Fettuccini Alfredo

Be sure that any pasta you order is cooked extremely al dente. That way, it's less likely to get too soft while it sits out during your party.


Keep in mind that some sauces, such as clam sauce, can dry out very quickly in chafing dishes. Red sauces are usually good for keeping pasta moist.

If you're planning a pasta course for a sit-down dinner, ask what sauces are available—e.g., marinara, or alla Vodka. Not all people are going to want plain red tomato sauce.

Similarly, plan to have a white sauce as well as a red one, to ensure that the buffet spread is visually pleasing.

Baked pastas

Baked pastas tend to hold up better on buffet tables than do boiled pastas served with sauce. Some good buffet choices: stuffed shells or baked ziti.