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Little Neck, NY 11362
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About us

Richard Coy

Owner of Aunt Bella’s of Little Neck
Co-owner of Tre Bella at Montauk Manor

Richard Coy

The Bella Restaurant Group currently consists of two restaurants that serve delicious, traditional Northern and Southern Italian food.

In 1977, I opened the first restaurant of the group, Aunt Bella’s of Little Neck.  

Actually, I began cooking when I was about 9 or 10 years old. My mom and dad worked very long and difficult hours, so I was making family dinners for five people at a very young age.

I loved cooking at home, and being in restaurants. For some reason, I was fascinated by watching people make pizza. So I began helping in an Italian restaurant when I was 14. By age 17, I had a job in a restaurant in Howard Beach.

I learned to cook by watching everything the chefs did.  I followed their instructions, especially about how to make the traditional Italian sauces—the foundation of Italian cooking. There was never any question that one day, I would become a restaurant owner. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

In 2010, my friend, Richard Hutton (owner of a successful restaurant in Ridgewood, Queens, for more than 20 years) and I had the opportunity to take over the restaurant at Montauk Manor, a spectacular resort on 12 acres at the southern end of Long Island. We decided that despite the 100-mile distance between Queens and the eastern tip of Long Island, the chance to open a new restaurant in a fantastic summer destination spot was too good to pass up.

We had always wanted to expand the catering part of our businesses, and owning Tre Bella at Montauk Manor has given us the opportunity to cater parties for up to 150 guests.

Happily, after 34 years of restaurant ownership, I still enjoy cooking and serving guests just as much as I did as a young child.

I feel very fortunate. Running successful restaurants is more than the career that I once hoped to build. It has always been at the center of my dreams.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, please visit Aunt Bella’s of Little Neck. And please let us help you plan a small, intimate party or the wedding or special-occasion celebration of your dreams.